120kW DC Rocket FC120


Rocket FC120 DC 120KW Fast Charger meets the European charging standards for new energy electric vehicles. Power control, charging management, network communication and other customized functions, all in one device.

The entire charging process is under intelligent control, offering 200~1000V output voltage range. CCS2 single connector charging offers super fast charging for the electric vehicle. CCS2 dual connector charging allows the charging of two electric vehicles simultaneously with equal power distribution.

Key Features:

Power: 120kW
Output Current: Max.200A
Output Voltage: 200-1000V DC
Two CCS2 DC charging connector
Self-developed power module
Compliant with OCPP 1.6 ( JSON)
App operation or RFID authentication or plug & play
Protection Grade: IP54
Warranty: 2 years


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120kW DC Rocket FC120

  • High Efficiency

    + One charger with two outputs, simultaneously charging
    + Two CCS2 DC connectors, with output up to 120KW
    + Constant power from 300~1000V voltage, less heat with smaller current

  • Flexible Option

    + App operation or RFID authentication or plug and play
    + Optional POS terminal for contactless credit card payment
    + High protection grade as IP54, with IP65 optional

  • Intelligent Control

    + Ethernet/4G/WiFi communication all supported
    + OCPP communication protocol with the backend
    + Intelligent operation by App and cashless payment

  • Secure and Safe

    + Type A RCD for residual current protection
    + PTB certified energy meter with accurate measurement
    + ISO15118 prepared for advanced feature of Plug&Charge

Specification parameters

Not available.

  • 1. Download the App and sign up for an account
  • 2. Plug the charging cable into the EV
  • 3. Scan QR code to start the charging
  • 4. Stop charging in the App