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With Monta, you can easily make and manage small and large installations. Manage all of your EV charging customers in one portal and keep track of users, charge point status´ and much more. Create recurring business by placing your services on the platform, available to thousands of users.

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Monta for private EV drivers

Monta is the smartest EV charging app. With Monta, you can charge your car with green energy and share your charge points with other EV drivers. You also get access to 150.000+ charge points across Europe.

Transparency on costs

Residents, guests and other EV drivers pay instantly, when they use your EV chargers. Set the price for EV charging, and the Monta platform keeps track of all payments and charging sessions. Pay with our charge keys, credit card, Google or Apple Pay and leave tedious paperwork and complicated calculations behind.

Insights and reports

With Monta, you will be able to get an overview of how your charge points are being used. Our system gives you access to an overview of money, kWh charged, CO2 saved, and many more reports.

Monta for businesses and communities

With Monta, you can decide who has access to your charge points, when and at what cost. Regardless of charge point brand, you can easily customize your charging solution to your own charging needs.

Manage users, usage & availabilty

Once connected to Monta, your charge point can become a new source of revenue. Open up your charge point to the public and decide who has access, when and at what cost.

  • Grant access to other EV drivers
  • Decide the cost per kWh
  • Earn a profit by offering easy EV charging

Transaction History

The monta portal automatically manages payments between EV drivers, charge point owners and operators. Transactions are updated in real-time in the Portal meaning you will always have the full financial overview of your business.

Lead Generator

We collect charge point inquiries from both businesses, communities and private EV drivers all over Europe. Use our portal to bid on customers looking for a charge point solution in your area. It is the easiest way to get more business without any extra work.

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